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Sound Oasis: Deluxe Glo to Sleep Therapy Mask (GTS-2000)

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It has a series of strips in the inside of each of the eye covers that, when held up to light, glow blue and give you something on which to focus as you drift off to a healthy, alternative to sleeping pills that induces sleep naturally. is the first choice of celebrities - and we donate masks to many celebrity charity events and to the Veterans Administration.

Find great deals for Black Sleep Mask on eBay. 3D Eye Mask Sleep Shade Cover soft foam Blindfold Rest Relax Travel Sleeping Aid.It is ideal for those with busy schedules, restless minds or night-owl roommates.

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This lightweight and comfortable sleep mask offers a natural and drug-free solution that works with your body to encourage healthy sleep.For thousands of years, enlightened ones have told us to close our eyes, look up and achieve a calm state of mind.

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When it comes to finding a convenient way to go to sleep at night, eye covers offer individuals a way to block out any light or disruption, and these quirky sleep masks are a great way to add some eclectic touches to your sleeping rituals.It is a safe, natural and effective way to help you get the unhindered sleep you need.We tested both the basic GTS-1000 mask, which does not use batteries.Put on this Glo to Sleep Mask, gently raise your eyes upward, hold your gaze on a soft blue Point of Glo that appears inside your mask, and breathe deeply.

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The Sound Oasis Glo to Sleep Therapy Mask is the modern version of the classic sleep mask.If you choose, you can chill the insert in the refrigerator for an hour or so before bed to help reduce the swelling around your eyes.

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A Sleep mask is best alternative to drugs and medicine for sleep therapy.

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The Glo to Sleep Therapy Mask can reduce anxiety and tension.

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According to their How it Works page for thousands of years people have told us to close our eyes, look up, and achieve a calm state of mind to go to sleep.

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Eye Masks City of Sleep is here to help you save money on your next sleep remedy purchase.The Sound Oasis Glo to Sleep Deluxe Sleep Therapy Mask offers a safe, natural and effective way to help you get the sleep you need.

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This revolutionary technique will allow your body to focus on the process of sleep in an effective way and at the same time will naturally reduce stress.This meditative approach calms your mind and effectively moves it to a relaxed state. - Glo to Sleep effectively blocks out unwanted external light allowing you to more easily get to sleep, stay asleep and enjoy higher quality sleep. - Recessed eye pieces block.The best sleep mask will block most light from reaching your eyes and in a sense trick your mind and body into thinking it is night and that you need to go to sleep.

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Find great deals for Sleep Masks on eBay. 3D Eye Mask Sleep Shade Cover soft foam Blindfold Rest Relax Travel Sleeping Aid.This Glo to Sleep Mask is different from your usual sleep mask in that it uses the science of brain activity to help you get to sleep faster and more peacefully.

Glo to Sleep Mask: This is no simple eye mask—in fact, it almost looks like a pair of goggles.


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