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Yesterday we left off with nine folks getting weighed in on five different consumer body fat scales – all in the quest to compare it against the generally accepted more accurate method of using a Bod Pod.

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The bod pod was less accurate than DEXA when it came to measuring very lean individuals.

Home of the Bod Pod The BodPod is a state of the art body composition measuring machine.

Then he or she enters the BOD POD and sits comfortably during two brief measurement periods of 50 seconds each.In addition, the BOD POD also offers Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR).

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The BOD POD body composition test is accurate within 1% body fat for adults and children.Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) is a measure of the oxygen used by microorganisms to decompose this waste.The process is quite easy and quick for the person being tested.

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You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed.Services include whole body cryotherapy, body fat testing with the gold standard BOD POD.The results that you collect from your BOD POD test can be used to measure any risk factors for certain major diseases such as diabetes or stroke, monitor obesity, learn different ways to gain or lose weight safe and effectively, understand the right nutrition and.

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Testing your body composition is a great way to set, monitor and achieve realistic health and fitness goals.

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What are the benefits of BOD POD Body Composition Measurement.

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Because the BOD POD is highly accurate, it can detect even small changes in body fat and lean body mass (i.e., muscle, bones and organs).The researchers concluded that the bod pod was more accurate when testing people closer to a healthy BMI.

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Eliminating the need for invasive testing or underwater submersion, the BOD POD uses Air Displacement Plethysmography (ADP), based on the same principles of hydrostatic (underwater) weighing, to measure fat and fat-free mass.Bod Pod Body Composition Testing: Body Composition Testing is on Tuesday May 23rd at the gym.I actually own one in Houston and am in the process of creating a mobile testing facility (climate controlled mobile unit).Bringing the industry standard for Body Composition Analysis and Metabolic Rate Testing to YOU.In addition to tracking your results in our database, at the conclusion of each test we will provide you with a printed copy of your test results.

On behalf of the SRC Staff, we congratulate you upon your decision to complete the Bod Pod-Body Composition Analysis.People with low body fat percentages were much more likely to get a higher reading from the bod pod, and people with higher body fat percentages were more likely to see a lower readout.

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Thanks for adding the info you have regarding your experience with the Bod Pod.Body composition is used to describe the percentages of fat, bone, water, and muscle in human bodies.

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Since it measures the amount of air a body displaces, minimal clothing is required, ideally a spandex swimsuit.

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The Bod Pod is the most accurate way to get real data on your body measurements and capacity so that you can make a plan to get real results.The body fat percentage is a ratio of body fat to total body weight.

Body Composition Analysis: find out your body fat percentage, fat-free percentage, pounds of lean body mass, pounds of fat mass, and overall body density relative to your body weight in a BOD POD machine.The lab provides state of the art technology and services so that individuals can achieve their fitness goals and recover from workout induced pain.

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