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This is no longer the country we thought we lived in, and which many millions of Americans of past generations actually did grow up in.There are numerous definitions of what makes for a banana republic.

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The economics editor of the Sydney Morning Herald, Ross Gittins, has written an article, The four business gangs that run the US, which is a review of Jeffrey Sachs book, The Price of Civilisation.

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Just, THANK YOU, brave members of the House of Representatives who voted No on the so-called Emergency Economic Stabilization Act.Together, these companies control over 65% of the world banana exports (Thomson, 1987).The sector provides jobs for 6,000 farmers and employs 700 people at boxing plants.

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Informative articles for all those who live with their eyes wide open and are interested in our beautiful planet and its fascinating wildlife.As a person who grew up in Cuba I wish I could put you in a real banana republic for a year or two so you know how dumb of a thread this is ts.

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America is a Banana Republic

With the election of President-elect Donald Trump is America destined to become a banana republic.In economics, a banana republic is a country with an economy of state capitalism, by which economic model the country is operated as a private commercial enterprise for the exclusive profit of the ruling class.

In 1899, the Boston Fruit Company and the United Fruit Company (UFCO) merged, thus forming the largest banana company in the world with plantations in Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Panama and Santo Domingo.

Is America a Banana Republic? Corruption is Endemic

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Perhaps I am dating myself, but I have lived at this point under 13 different occupants of the White House and never has there been such an embarrassment - indeed, threat to the nation, like the current occupant.

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In Vanity Fair last month, Christopher Hitchens made the case that the United States has become not a frightening idelogical state as some have said, but a banana republic of the sort we usually associate with Latin America and Africa.The banana industry in Central America is still controlled by U.S. based fruit companies.

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